Nate Moore


Nate grew up in Liberty Township, OH, a suburb 30-minutes north of downtown Cincinnati. As a kid he loved sports (especially baseball, football and basketball) and also loved listening and playing music. At 12 years old in the 6th grade, Nate learned how to play his first instrument with alto saxophone and later joined the school’s choir band and jazz band. While Nate enjoyed playing his music, he mostly stuck with sports until he was cut by his high school baseball team in 2014. After trying to figure out which direction to take, Nate fell back on his passion for music and began writing song and lyrics any chance he had.



Nate’s official music career as an artist and songwriter began in summer of 2018 when he and his high school friend Jack Booher released their debut single “Bad Blood” feat. Mark Battles and Breanna Marin. While the two were both starting out and didn’t expect much from the song, the song gained over 1.5 million plays on SoundCloud, and gave the two more momentum to keep going forward and produce more songs. Jack and Nate would go on to release multiple rap/hip hop projects including their EP “Ride the Wave” in 2021. While the two did see their success grow from “Bad Blood”, Nate and Jack struggled to consistently gain and retain audience members and find their spot in the industry. That changed in 2022 when Nate made his artist/singing debut on the song “Riding Through The City”.

For the first time, Nate and Jack finally had a song that appealed to a mass audience and gained enough traction to bring in real audience results. “Riding Through The City” was a big success compared to prior songs, so much so that the duo agreed moving forward they would produce and create more songs similar in sound. This change in direction eventually lead to multiple compositions including the single “Run” and the project “LA Tapes”.

During this change of direction, Nate continued to write 100% of song lyrics and sing hooks that were more closer towards the pop genre as opposed to rap/hip. However, in February of 2023, Jack and Nate came to a disagreement in which way and genre the duo should move in. Despite Nate’s growing passion for the pop sounding music they were making and being the sole song/lyric writer, primary singer, Jack indicated he wanted to return back to the rap/hip-hop style the duo had done in the earlier years. Due to their creative differences and failed contract negotiations, Nate and Jack decided to part ways in March of 2023.

As he continued to grow his career, Nate attended the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio and became proficient in the arts of mixing/mastering and studio and live music production. Now, with a sense of redemption on his mind, a feel of grit in his heart, and determination in his blood, Nate is ready to take the music industry by storm.